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Woocommerce Product Information Management

One of the key features of WooCommerce Multistore is the Woocommerce product information management feature. Add, delete, search, filter and manage products (in bulk or separately) for all your WooCommerce shops at once, without any concessions to your SEO efforts.

Our Woocommerce product information management feature let’s you easily:

  • Import products from one or multiple webshops into MR multistore (masterstore)
  • Synchronize products from MR multistore into 1 or multiple webshops (childstores)
    • however you want. You’re able to search and filter products. Then check multiple (or all) products and hit the ‘migrate’ button. The migrate function let’s you:
      • select into which webshop(s) the selected products should be imported/synchronized
      • select which product elements are imported/synchronized
    • product 1, 2 & 3 should be synchronized to webshop A. Product 3, 4 & 5 should be synchronized to webshop B & C
    • all products from category 1 should be synchronized into webshop A. All products form category 2 & 3 should be synchronized into webshop B.
  • Overwrite content like title and (short) description in the childstores to prevent duplicate content
    • also prices, images and other product elements can be overwritten in the childstores
  • Add, edit, duplicate or delete products (which is very similar to managing products in WooCommerce)
  • Manage variations, attributes and categories
  • Manage stock (WooCommerce stock synchronisation)

And that all in one place. Keep in mind that MRmultistore only covers the core elements of WooCommerce. In other words, features from additional plugins aren’t covered at the moment.

MR multistore covers:

  • WooCommerce core elements
  • Simple, variable and grouped products
  • Webshops at different domains, sub domains or sub directories
  • A secure connection between your shops

In contrast to other multistore/PIM solutions, MR multistore doesn’t require:

  • technical know-how
  • WordPress MultiSite environment
  • any plugin to be installed and configured in your webshops
  • manually updates

MR multistore isn’t a webshop. It only communicates with your webshops through the official WooCommerce REST API. So you can setup every webshop the way you want. In other words, different layouts, languages, currency, payment options, shipping settings and all other options that are included in a stand alone WooCommerce store.