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Woocommerce Order Management

Woocommerce order management can be quite a hassle when you manage multiple webshops. WooCommerce Multistore will save you a lot of time. When an order is placed in one of your WooCommerce shops, WooCommerce Multistore will notice this order realtime. So you can manage your orders from within our environment (which is very similar to the WooCommerce order section). WooCommerce Multistore lets you:

  • Manage order statuses (in bulk)
    • processing
    • on-hold
    • complete
  • Delete orders (move to trash)
  • Edit orders (where you’ll be redirected to the shop where the order took place)
  • Search for orders
  • Filter orders by
    • status
    • customer
    • shop
  • Sort orders by
    • Ordernumber
    • Billing address
    • Shipping address
    • Customer message
    • Order notes
    • Date
    • Total
    • Actions
  • Manage columns in your order overview