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Is managing your WooCommerce shops hassling you?

  • Are your stocks never in sync?
  • Is productmanagement taking too much time?
  • Do you struggle to manage orders?
  • Is managing all your shops complex and chaotic?

The benefits of WooCommerce Multistore

  • Free 30-day trial
  • We want to ensure that you are 100% happy with your purchase. So we offer you a WooCommerce Multistore demo environment for 30 days, free of charge. You can add, delete, manage products and see the results in your own stores.

  • Powerfull
  • Our platform isn’t plugin based but is a standalone platform. Our platform has been created using Laravel and uses the WooCommerce REST API. So no more plugin compatibility issues! Spend your time managing your shop instead of solving issues.

  • No Technical Know-How Required
  • You don’t need any technical know-how to work with our WooCommerce Multistore solution. After signup you’ll receive your credentials including a videoinstruction how to set up connections between your stores en our platform.

  • Manage your stores from one single platform
  • WooCommerce Multistore isn’t a webshop. All data is imported from your shops into our secure database. Within WooCommerce Multistore you can manage products, orders, basicly everything. Adjusted data is exported back (realtime) into every childshop. Every childshop is a standalone webshop, so you can setup, style and configure every shop the way you want.

The Woocommerce Multistore platform
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What makes us different?

Mrinvent Multistore is not a Woocommerce plugin, but a platform to connect your Woocommerce stores to one backend. We make is easy to manage your products, orders, categories, tags en attributes in one dashboard. We also make sure your product stocks are synchronized between the connected stores, and the possibility to have multilingual between your stores products aswell.

PIM - Woocommerce Multistore

Product Information Management

When you connect your stores to our platform, all your products (and associated data) will be imported into our platform. Currently we’re only covering WooCommerce core data, so no custom fields for example. Based on SKU we match products so you can set e.g. different prices, descriptions, titles etcetera for the same product. At this moment we support simple and variable products. After the importproces you’ll be able to manage your products and migrate it to any connected store you like. You can also create or edit categories, tags, attributes and attribute terms in one place.

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Stock synchronization - Woocommerce Multistore

Stock Synchronization

Stock synchronization is key if you manage multiple webshops with the same products. That’s why we built a 2-way stock synchronization feature. Stock is synced across all stores when sold in 1 of your stores. Stock can also be managed manually. We highly suggest to add the code (found here) to your functions.php, this will make sure your WooCommerce stock synchronizations will be ultrafast (< 1 sec). If you choose not to add this code, stock synchronization will normally take about 1 minute.

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Ordermanagement - Woocommerce Multistore


When connecting your stores, we also automatically generate webhooks in your WooCommerce stores. These webhooks send a signal when a order has been placed or updates or refunded. This same webhooks are used for our stock sync. As a user you’re able to view all your orders across multiple stores in one place. We don’t store any customerdata due to GDPR regulations. If you want to edit or view a specific order, you can click within our dashboard and will be redirected to your WooCommerce store. This also comes in quite handy if you have installed additional plugins for your ordermanagement (e.g. DHL/DPD). You can use this plugins without any limitations.

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Multilingual - Woocommerce Multistore

WooCommerce Multilingual

Do you have multiple stores with the same language? Then you’re covered! As long as your attributes, attribute terms, tags and categories have the same name, we will automatically assign the right data. If you have different names, you can connect each element (once) by hand in our multilingual section. The same goes if you have stores with different languages. You can setup each connection once and from there everything will go smoothly. Keep in mind, that alle attributes, terms, tags and categories needs to be created beforehand, before you can set the connection.

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As an owner of more than 10 WooCommerce webshops it was always difficult to manage all my shops. Much work had to be done double or more. Thanks to Mr MultiStore we were able to make great savings on our working hours.


How much time (thus money) is managing your WooCommerce shops costing you? How many revenue is lost due to inaccurate stocks? How many organic visitors are lost due to SEO content issues?


  • Max. 2 webshops
  • Productmanagement
  • Multilanguage
  • Stock synchronization
  • Ordermanagement
$20,- / month
$17 /mo when you pay yearly


  • Max. 5 webshops
  • Productmanagement
  • Multilanguage
  • Stock synchronization
  • Ordermanagement
$30,- / month
$25 /mo when you pay yearly


  • Max. 10 webshops
  • Productmanagement
  • Multilanguage
  • Stock synchronization
  • Ordermanagement
$50,- / month
$42 /mo when you pay yearly