Why installing lots of different plugins is bad practice in WooCommerce.

A lot of times we come across WooCommerce stores which seem to load pages way too slow, other times we come across fast loading webshops, but with terrible loading times in the /wp-admin.

For us it stays remarkable that entire teams work in WooCommerce environments that take about 2 / 3 seconds (if not longer), to load a single page.
Often it doesn’t even matter to them, because they are used to it.

Although, think about how many minutes get lost every day. Wouldn’t it be much efficient to have a faster workflow?


Whenever we come across their WooCommerce Plugin page, we’re not confused to see a lot of plugins. Plugins are being installed for every small functionality in their webshop.

Webshop owner: “Oh, this flying cart effect seems nice! Do you think we can have that in our webshop too?”
Developer: “Sure, no problem!”

— installs the “Flying Cart” plugin.


Of course this wouldn’t be an issue when you only have let’s say, 10 plugins.

Although, how more plugins are installed, how greater the changes to become:

* Vulnerable to hackers

  • A very slow webshop
  • Break your webshop when updating a plugin
  • In conflict with other plugins



We understand that there are enough plugins that take too long to develop yourselves. And even plugins like WooMultistore or WPML seem like pain relievers for the time-being, although it will come with regrets afterwards.

We are not saying they are bad plugins. They are just missing some essential functionalities.

See, when someone wants to benefit of a stock synchronization functionalities, the user expects it to function realtime. It can not be that the stock of a product in store B, updates a few minutes later than in store A, this way you could sell a product that’s already out of stock.

Also, not every WooCommerce field needs to be translated, only the essentials. WPML likes to add a lot, and then I mean A LOT, of database rows. This won’t seem a problem in the first case, but in the longrun, your site will be loading slower and slower.. until the database couldn’t handle this many rows anymore.


At MRinvent we are in favor of faster workflows and keeping things clean and secure.

For this reason we build a faster, cleaner and more secure way of working with your WooCommerce stores, we build WooCommerce Multistore.
Woocommerce Multistore by Mrinvent is not a WooCommerce plugin, but a standalone platform.

By offering functionalities for Product Information Management, Stock Synchronization, Multilingual and many more, we’ll spare you the need for installing plugins for the functionalities mentioned above.