What is WooCommerce and why are so many people using it?

What is WooCommerce and why are so many people using it?

WooCommerce is a free and open-source plugin for Wordpress. WooCommerce turns your WordPress site into an e-commerce site in a matter of clicks.

In 2011 Automattic (company behind Wordpress) created this plugin, and quickly became a big player in the e-commerce world.


With millions of active installations, and more rising every day, WooCommerce is certainly an inspiration behind countless webshops.


What WooCommerce offers

WooCommerce makes selling products and services easier than every before. Connect digital payment options, manage shipping and inventory, sort taxes and also operate highly secure.
Coming without a price tag, it’s not strange that WooCommerce is very popular.


WooCommerce is Free

WooCommerce is open-source, meaning that everyone can have a look into the code.
With a great community WooCommerce’s keeping on top. Updates are being made every day, and the code becomes more optimized.

Aside from that, WooCommerce most of the times doesn’t meet all of your requirements, therefor it offers plugins / add-ons to accomplish your desires.

Note that installing lots of plugin is bad practice, you can read more about it here: /bad-practice.


WooCommerce is customizable

Because WooCommerce is open-source, you can change the code to whatever you like.
I won’t encourage to change code in WooCommerce’s core, it is possible to override standard functionalities that come with WooCommerce.
Sometimes you may like to have a functionality just a little different, or build custom methods to handle specific kind of functions.


WooCommerce also comes with a few standard themes, which will actually install an entire front-end / template. This way you don’t need any knowledge about writing code, and you can keep things simple by dragging/dropping functionalities.

There are loads of templates out there, that will be even more fancy but come with a price tag most of the time. Or take a look a marketplaces for those templates, like on envato.com.


WooCommerce is user-friendly

WooCommerce has one of the most user-friendly CMS. Even without a lot of e-commerce knowledge, you’ll find it easy to navigate to different sections.


WooCommerce multistore

Unfortunately, a shortcoming of WooCommerce is not being able to manage different stores from one CMS. You will need to have multiple tabs next to each other, and manage your inventory in all those different tabs. Very time consuming.. we know.

For this reason, we build WooCommerce Multistore. A easy to setup solution, to manage all your WooCommerce stores in one platform.

Get started here: https://mrinvent.online/try-free-demo