Frequently asked questions

  • Is Mrinvent a WooCommerce plugin?

    No. Mrinvent is a standalone platform, which means that you will have your own environment on Mrinvent Multistore where you will be able to connect your Woocommerce webshops through the API keys.

  • Do I have to host Mrinvent myself?

    No. The multistore environment is hosted by us. We make use of high quality servers to provide high speed to improve your workflow even more. (For the geeks: A server with 8GB RAM, 4 core processor, 160GB Storage and 5TB bandwith).
    Ofcourse you will still have to host your Woocommerce webshops by yourselves.

  • What are the requirements for using Mrinvent?

    The Mrinvent platform is working best with Woocommerce latest version. Therefor we highly suggest you to make use of Woocommerce's latest version to prevent issues.
    Plugins may cause trouble with functionalities as the stock synchronization. Make sure you make use of Woocommerce's core functionalities, like order statusses and product fields.

  • There are some things that I would like to see different! Where do I submit this?

    We are always open for new suggestions from our users! Our development team is working hard on making a better user experience, therefor you could contact us here any time!
    If we think you have given valuable input, we will add your request to the developers timeline. We will let you know when it has been added to the platform!

  • I do have a company and would like to use Mrinvent for my customers. Do I get discount?

    For businesses with a network of multiple Woocommerce users (webshops) we can provide a Resellers account. Resellers will get discount on bulk subscriptions, marketing advice from our partners and first-line support help.

  • Can I add other e-commerce platforms than Woocommerce?

    At the time, no. We are working hard on adding e-commerce platforms like Magento and Prestashop.

  • I have used other Woocommerce Multistore solutions, but they seem to be very slow. Is mrinvent faster?

    Yes! We run all processes in the background, so you won't notice any slowdown in your workflow.