Migrate products to multiple stores in different languages.

We are aware of the possibility where you connect multiple stores in different languages. Those stores come along with categories, tags, attributes and terms in different languages and you don't want them to be overwritten in a migration process.

We highly recommend you to NOT use WPML. WPML will have a massive impact on your store's database, and will eventually kill your store in terms of too much queries running to maintain fast loading speeds.

How to create a multilingual

For creating a multilingual connection in Mrinvent, navigate to "Multilingual" -> "{ item }".
In this example we are going to create a Multilingual for a category named "Shoes".

Shoes does exist in my store named Childstore 1, but does not exist in Childstore 2. In Childstore 2 this category is named Schuhe, which is German for Shoes. I'd simply choose Schuhe from the list, and click "Save".
The connection between Shoes and Schuhe has now been set.
From now on, whenever I migrate the category "Shoes" from Childstore 1 to Childstore 2, it will be migrated as "Schuhe" to Childstore 2. Note that for translating attribute terms there's a little difference. You'd need to add a Multilingual for the parent attribute of the selected term before you're able to add the multilingual of the term.