Make sure you meet to following requirements.

  • Latest Woocommerce version installed.
  • Your Woocommerce store is not in maintenance mode, but reachable for the public.
  • Your store allows external webhook access (comes standard with Woocommerce).

Do I need an extra server/hosting to use Mrinvent?

Because Mrinvent is a platform, you do not need to host Mrinvent yourself. Your connected stores will run on our Amazon servers (AWS), and provide fast data handling and 100% up-time.

We wan't to make sure no data changes get lost, or stock synchronisations are skipped. When using a Woocommerce plugin, changes will become lost once the plugin becomes inactived for whatever reason.

In Mrinvent, changes will be queued and always executed on a later moment once certain connections fail.

Do my stores have to run on the same server?

No. This really doesn't matter, your stores can be located anywhere. As long as Mrinvent is able to make a solid connection through the REST API keys, you are good to go.

Can I use different domains?

Yes. you can use any domain you like, although we highly recommend it is running on https.

For example:

You can also use subdomains, and domains and subdomains combined.

I am using a Multisite installation, can I use Mrinvent?

Yes. As long as every environment has the possibility to create API keys and Webhooks, you are all set.

My website is in maintenance mode, and only reachable for authenticated users. Can I use Mrinvent?

This depends on the functionality you're using for maintenance mode. As long as the REST API & webhooks are still available for external requests, Mrinvent will be able to connect.

This also applies to IP limitations for specific users, although you could always add Mrinvent's server IP to your servers IP whitelist.
If you are not familiar with this, your hosting agency should be able to make the changes.

My Woocommerce webhooks are running slow, is there any way to speed this up?

Thankfully, yes! Woocommerce has the habit to load your entire theme & plugins with every API request, but we only need the necessary data.

To implement instant changes, simple add the following code lines into your functions.php. Your functions.php is located in your /wp-content/themes/{theme_name}, most of the time.

/* * Mrinvent Woocommerce Multistore * Faster webhook */ add_filter( 'woocommerce_webhook_deliver_async', '__return_false' );