Migrate a product to Woocommerce.

If you are not familiar with adding products in Mrinvent, we recommend to read about adding products first.

At the Product Migration page you will find a list of Woocommerce's core fields, along with your connected stores.
To select all fields, simply click on the checkbox alongside the store's name. If you don't want to migrate a certain fields, simply deselect it at the desired store.

It is possible that you are receiving an warning or error at the top of a fields list, in this case there's an item that doesn't exist in one of the stores. IE. You'd like to migrate a product with the attribute "Flower", Flower does exist in Store A but not in Store B. In this case store B will throw an error that attribute "Flower" does not exist and therefor it cannot migrate any Attributes in store B. The field will be deselected and disabled.

When this occures there are two possibilities.

1.) Add the missing item to the store that's throwing an error. Read: How to add new items

2.) Add a multilingual. Read: How multilingual works

Once you are ready to migrate, click "Run Migration" at the top right corner.
Mrinvent will transfer the product to your Woocommerce store, you will receive a notification once the migration has been completed.
Depending on the size of your product, a migration should not take longer than a few seconds.

When a product is running a migration task, or receiving a webhook, the product will be locked. To prevent any changes will be made during this process, the product will be unlocked afterwards.