Connecting a Woocommerce store

Integrating your Woocommerce stores with our platform require a few steps.

  1. Navigate to Stores in your Mrinvent account.
  2. Click on "Add Store" in the top right corner.
  3. Mrinvent needs the following details to connect you Woocommerce store:
    • Name
    • Store URL
      - We highly recommend to connect stores running on https.
    • Consumer Key
    • Consumer secret
    • Store language (optional)
  4. For the Consumer Key & Consumer secret, you need to go into the /wp-admin section of your Woocommerce store.
    • Navigate to Woocommerce -> Settings -> Advanced -> Rest API. And click on "Add key".
    • Add a description and user of choice, and set the Permissions to Read/Write.
    • Now click on "Generate API key".
  5. Copy the consumer and secret key, and place them in Mrinvent's add store form.
  6. Click "Add store". Mrinvent will now import your Woocommerce store.

Note: For privacy reasons we will not store your orders & customers data. Order management will always have realtime connections with your Woocommerce store(s) API.

Once the import has been finished, Mrinvent has added three webhooks in your Woocommerce stores.


All webhooks are required for handling realtime changes between the platforms.