Learn everything about using Woocommerce Multistore by Mrinvent.

Woocommerce Multistore by Mrinvent is not a plugin, but a platform.
The reason we chose to build a platform, instead of a Woocommerce plugin is for the reasons listed below.

  1. Maintain fast connections between the stores
    • Plugins often relay on a lot of (not needed) functionalities, and many time they do have conflict with CURL / external requests.
      in Mrinvent all processes will run in the background, meaning that we are faster than your /wp-admin environment and always up-to-date with Woocommerce's latest updates.
  2. Realtime changes
    • Whenever a product changes in your Woocommerce store, Mrinvent will notice.
      Mrinvent will process the changes immediately.
  3. Realtime stock synchronisation
    • Described above, this also means that we keep track on your stock levels.
      Updating Product 1 in Store A, will change the stock of Product 1 in Store B in a matter of seconds.
  4. Multilingual
    • With Mrinvent you will have the ability to lay different languages between categories, tags and attributes & terms in your stores.
      IE. category Car of store A (English), will always migrate as Wagen to store B (German).
  5. Always up-to-date
    • With Mrinvent you don't have to worry about updating your Woocommerce Multistore plugin.
      Mrinvent will always be up-to-date with Woocommerce latest updates. We know that updating Woocommerce plugins can be a pain in the ass.
When using Woocommerce Multistore by Mrinvent, you will notice that you don't need the /wp-admin that often anymore. Benefit higher speed, and have more insights in your product changes.